TrueLase™  Yb 20/400-3kW Optical Fiber

OFS developed the new Yb 20/400-3kW Double Clad Optical Fiber to meet the growing demand in industrial applications for higher power and cost-effective multi-kilowatt fiber lasers. The fiber has been tested to more than 3kW in a forward pumped fiber laser maintaining stable operation with no power degradation for hundreds of hours. Yb 20/400-3kW Double Clad Optical Fiber allows fiber laser manufacturers to build their own fiber lasers due to its compatibility with widely available fibers and components. The OFS high-volume manufacturing processes ensure lot-to-lot consistency and lower cost fiber to the customer. All TrueLase optical fibers utilize the latest TrueClad™ low index polymer coating specially engineered for reliability and performance in the most demanding of environments.


OFS Specialty

Deploying optical fiber in a harsh environment? Have an application in medical, aerospace, sensing, industrial networking, high power laser delivery?
Specialty fiber optics may be the answer.



Some of the FEATURES


  • Tested to more than 3kW in a forward pumped fiber laser
  • Stable operation for hundreds of hours
  • Enables easy & efficient integration for monolithic fiber lasers and amplifiers
  • Excellent fiber consistency and uniformity using OFS proprietary RE vapor phase delivery process
  • TrueClad™ low index coating for extensive durability in sensitive environment and operating conditions


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