AccuCore HCF™ Optical Cable White Paper

Low-Latency Hollow-Core Fiber Transmission Primer 

Executive Summary

Optical fiber is key in enabling modern communications and the internet. Moving data, selling data and data-driven machine learning are central to today’s global economy. Indeed, five of the six wealthiest companies are businesses selling data.

For certain applications, receiving the data as quickly as possible is key. This is what OFS Fitel’s AccuCore hollow-core fiber enables: a medium through which light travels about 50 percent faster than through a traditional optical fiber.

Designing a hollow-core fiber is complicated and AccuCore’s low-latency today comes at the expense of a higher optical loss and a curtailed transmission window. Cabling hollow-core fiber is also challenging. OFS Fitel has solved these issues to become the first company to sell hollow-core-fiber cables.

AccuCore is already in use for high-frequency trading and is suited for applications such as supercomputing. The fiber has other performance attributes besides low latency that solid-core fiber cannot match, including a lower phase sensitivity with temperature changes and lower non-linear effects.

This White Paper details how OFS’ AccuCore hollow-core fiber works, how multi-path interference arises that impairs a working cable and how OFS has resolved the issue. Designing hollow-core fiber telecommunication links is also detailed. The Paper concludes with the customer support services that OFS offers.






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