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OFS, a leading manufacturer of innovative fiber optic products, has just launched the InvisiLight EZ-Hide Behind-the-Wall Module, enabling virtually invisible optical fiber installation inside homes and multiple dwelling units, or for passive optical LAN applications. The InvisiLight EZ-Hide Behind-the-Wall Module can further reduce the footprint of InvisiLight ILU installations by up to 50% by hiding the spool behind the wall and using the InvisiLight 600µm buffered fiber. 

Learn how FTTH service providers or Passive Optical LAN designers can use the InvisiLight EZ-Hide Module to enable compact Optical Network Terminal (ONT) deployment deep within subscribers’ homes and offices to facilitate WiFi coverage, and overcome aesthetic and installation challenges. | Data Sheet

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InvisiLight® EZ-Hide ILU Spool fits Easily Behind Wall Mount ONT or Slimbox® Wallplate

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