MiDia® Microduct Cables
Increasing the Capacity and Cost-Effectiveness of Metropolitan Fiber Access

To implement or upgrade a modern metropolitan optical network, especially through urban areas, service providers can face challenges such as space limitations to excavation disruption to upgradability. To help make these intricate networks simpler and less costly, OFS developed the MiDia Microcable product line. An ideal solution for congested metro networks, the MiDia Microcables can help dramatically lower the cost of fiber optic deployment while increasing and enhancing capacity and fiber density in limited spaces. Whether your application involves overriding cables installed in existing ducts, deployment into unused inner ducts or greenfield “grow-as-you go” deployments, the MiDia Microcables are an excellent solution. 
By reducing or eliminating the need for expensive and disruptive excavation along with procuring costly rights-of-way, the MiDia Microcables offer a more cost-effective solution that requires fewer deployment resources. With the ability to deploy fiber only as needed, these microcables can help to defer initial investment costs while also allowing the flexibility to add newer fiber types or technologies as they become available. Finally, the MiDia Microcables offer the exceptional performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from OFS.



Some of the FEATURES

  • Reduced diameter, lightweight cable for easier handling and faster deploymentOutdoor Microduct optical fiber cable installation by blowing
  • Optimized for air-blown installation using micro-duct systems
  • Allows deployment of fiber only as needed
  • Increased fiber density ratio
  • Excellent solutions for new and existing duct systems 
  • Dry, “water-swellable” waterblocking technology for excellent water penetration resistance
  • Meets IEC 60794-1-2 and 60794-5 for reliable performance
  • Available with OFS leading-edge optical fibers
  • Eliminates the need for excavation and procuring costly rights-of-way
  • Helps to increase capacity in limited spaces
  • Helps to defer initial build costs
  • Fiber Counts: 
    • MiDia Micro EX: 144-576
    • MiDia Micro FX: 12-144
    • MiDia Micro GX: 12-288
    • MiDia 200 Micro FX: 24 - 288
    • MiDia 200 Micro GX: 24 - 288

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