Raman Fiber Laser Module

Development of the new Raman Fiber Laser Module was driven by increasing demand for high power output over a broad wavelength range for a wide variety of industrial and scientific applications. The Raman Fiber Laser Module builds upon the TrueMode™ Fiber Laser Cavity family is designed for kilowatt single-mode fiber lasers for industrial machining and welding. OFS, a global market leader in the design and manufacture of rare-earth doped fibers, possesses the expertise and experience in fiber fabrication necessary to meet that demand. OFS has been developing and manufacturing high-power components and modules for many years and understands the reliability standards
expected in diverse material processing applications.
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Features and Benefits

  • Wavelengths available from 1150 to 1850 nm
  • High output power, up to 150 W at 1480 nm
  • Single-mode fiber output


Typical Applications

  • High Brightness Fiber Laser Pumping
  • Pump Source for Solid State
  • Lasers Medical Applications 
  • Test and Measurement

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