Sherpa CMS™ Cable Management System

Installation System for ADSS Networks

The Sherpa CMS Cable Management System is a non-metallic (EPDM rubber) way to attach cables on a span. 

Features and Benefits

  • A patent-pending dielectric system enabling attachment of dielectric drop cables to ADSS trunk cables
  • Can significantly reduce make-ready for some networks
  • For many networks, can significantly speed installation in comparison to strand and lashed networks deployed from scratch
  • Tested for reliability impact
  • Can increase drop cable ranges by trunk cables
  • Can reduce effective span length and sags when applied to a neutral
  • EPDM rubber for long-term reliability
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Aesthetically clean


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Sherpa CMS





There are different versions:

1. Attach flat and/or round drops to ADSS trunk cables to simplify ADSS-based fiber-optic networks, primarily for electrical coop and municipal FTTH applications.

2. Attach ADSS trunk cables to a neutral or other metallic messengers to decrease effective ADSS span lengths and sag under load

3. Attach 2 ADSS trunk cables together







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