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Why OFS Specialty Solutions?

OFS specialty optical fibers are application-specific and unique-purpose products used in diverse applications that may require among other things-- environmental resistance, wide operating temperature ranges, optimal bend performance, non-traditional fiber sizes, and non-traditional operating wavelengths.

OFS specialty optical fibers can be customized to meet your desired specifications with state-of-the-art coatings, buffers, and cabling materials resistant to abrasion, chemicals, radiation, biological exposure, solvents, high-temperature, shock, and vibration. These cables can be designed for maximum flexibility, durability and to operate in wide temperature ranges.

OFS is also the Official distributor of FITEL® Fusion Splicers and FITEL active and passive optical components in the Americas. FITEL products are designed using state-of-the-art technology allowing for highly accurate, reliable performance. 

OFS serves industries worldwide and works closely with clients to ensure our products meet their specific needs, no matter how unusual or complex.

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