AccuCore HCF™

Optical Cable Solution

AccuCore HCF Optical Fiber Cable, the world's first terrestrial hollow-core fiber (HCF) cable solution. Light travels about 50% faster in a hollow core compared to a solid silica core of conventional optical fiber. Consequently, light transmitted in a hollow-core fiber arrives 1.54 microseconds faster for each kilometer traveled compared with conventional optical fiber.

The AccuCore HCF Optical Fiber Cable solution is based on proven hollow-core fiber technology and includes indoor/outdoor cable and termination with standard connectors, which are fusion spliced to the patented photonic bandgap hollow-core fiber. OFS also offers installation services and both passive and active component selection to meet customer requirements. AccuCore HCF optical  fiber cable has been successfully deployed, carrying live traffic in several networks. Read the press releases:


  • High-frequency trading
  • High-performance computing
  • 5G X-haul mobile networks
  • Intra-data center interconnection


AccuCore HCF White Paper
Low-Latency Hollow-Core Fiber Transmission Primer


Some of the FEATURES

  • Cabled, factory terminate, field splice support
  • Indoor/outdoor installation
  • Customer ease of use
  • Transmission band centered at 1550 nm
  • WDM transmission supported
  • 1.54 µs latency improvement per km
  • 30% latency improvement
  • 4-fibers per cable
  • Cable: 2 HCF + 2 SM or 4 HCF
  • Terminated with LC or SC connectors

Technological Breakthrough

lyntia, Nokia, OFS | Furukawa Solutions and Digital Realty joined forces to implement and demonstrate the potential of innovative hollow core fiber technology. The four companies were the first to conduct real-world field testing in Spain that combines innovative hollow core fiber technology with high-capacity coherent DWDM transport.  Hollow core fibers are designed to guide light without a solid core material to transmit data faster and more efficiently than in conventional optical fibers. This breakthrough marks an unprecedented milestone in the telecommunications industry, reducing latency by more than 30% compared to traditional fiber.


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